A side note...

The focus of this conference has been about using educational technologies to enhance language proficiency. We do not want to give the impression that technology "wags the dog". We simply hope to share the potential of what is available online to facilitate your work in the classroom. We would never advocate using a technology simply because it is novel or engaging. Technology you choose to implement in your classroom should allow you to do something better than you could before. It shoud be the best tool for the job. It can never replace you!

Our Twitter hash tag has changed!

It is now: #slic2010

Welcome to the SLIC 2010 Conference Wiki
Languages 2.0 - Technology Are You Ready?
Provincial Conference, Edmonton, AB - October 29 and 30, 2010

A primary goal of the ATA Second Languages and Intercultural Council is to support and advocate for second languages teachers. The annual conference is one of our main events, but we do not want the conversations to stop there. As a way of further supporting you, we thought it might be helfpul to have a go-to place during the conference and in the weeks and months to follow. This wiki is a place for conference presenters to share additional information, provide updated handouts, and recommend favourite websites. It also offers participants a chance to share highlights and dialogue about their conference experience. For teachers who could not join us at the conference, this site will help them get connected

Getting Started

  • Browse the pages to see what has been shared.
  • Add your own ideas and resources to the pages in this wiki.
  • Visit the discussion page to read comments and add your own insights.
  • Provide feedback to conference organizers, wiki adminstrators and/or SLIC members/executive.

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