Websites and Applications

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Resources for Teachers

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Bring yoga into your second language classroom. provides tips and advice on how to integrate movement and mindfulness to enhance learning readiness, increase attention, improve impulse control, and boost creativity. Once Upon a Pose: A Guide to Yoga Adventure Stories for Children by Donna Freeman includes 10 yoga stories in English and French ideal to use in K-6 classrooms.

Resources and Apps for Student Use

EduComics is an education project that will show educators how online comics can be used in the classroom to enhance learning, engage and motivate students, and use technology in a practical and effective way. The project will create training material for teachers in Greece, Cyprus, UK, Italy and Spain. The potential for Web comics to be used in education offers educators a means of using multimedia (text, images, audio and video) with their students. For example, in languages, characters could be placed in a restaurant were they have to order a meal. A web comic can also allow audio in the languages. This is a list of useful link for comic creators, viewers, etc.

The useful links above contain a link to Comic Life which is frequently recommended ($30 fee).

Resources for Specific Languages

Canadian FSL Teacher offers links to beginner, intermediate and advanced French online games and activities.

This website provides teachers of Arabic K-12 with research, teaching materials, resources, and professional development opportunities. This website is maintained by the National Capital Language Resource Center.

The site mentioned during the keynote for FSL is

Internet Resources for Spanish teachers