Techno Tools for the Second Language Classroom
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A session by Valeria Palladino

Session Information as per program:
Speaker: Valeria Palladino
Session Title: Techno Tools for the Second Language Classroom
Time: 9:15 - 11:30 a.m. (2 hour session)
Target Audience: All SL teachers. Examples will be given for Divisions 2 to
4 in sample languages.
Language session will be delivered in: English

Session description:
Discover exciting online free tools to design tailored and interactive activities for your SL classes. We will work with blogs, Google maps, a story telling website and Vokis. Sample lessons and even project ideas will inspire you to create a range of really neat activities for and with your students, that your students will thank you for. Leave the session with all links, handouts and additional ideas to create even more exciting plans for your classes. All languages and levels will benefit from the ideas shared in this session.

Valeria Palladino is a second language educator and consultant with a passion for online technologies and pedagogically sound instructional design.

Key session information for those who attend:
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