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Top 100 Language Teaching Blogs for 2009

Free Technologu for Teachers Blog (Voted best blog by Edublog for 2009):

I Learn Technology is an edublog about integrating technology in the classroom. Every day, a new online application is featured. There is a description of the site as well as potential ways to use it in the classroom. By using the filter/search feature, you can see a list of sites that have been recommended for use by foreign language teachers. This is a great site to add to your RSS feeds or to check on a regular basis.

Technology and Education - Box of Tricks a very practical teacher site for learning about new technologies, but is also features blog posts for second language teachers from time to time. Blogs from Dec 2009 for example highlighted "top tools to get pupils talking" and "mobile phone in the MFL (modern foreign language) classroom".

If you aren't overwhelmed by new technologies yet, this slideshow is bound to do it. A teacher from Ipswich has put together an A-Z of ICT in MFL. It is guaranteed to highlight some sites that you have never heard about or considered using in your second language classroom.

One of the advantages of new technologies in general and social media in particular is that they facilitate exchanges of ideas and resources worldwide. My Languages aims to encourage collaboration and share up-to-date practice in the teaching & learning of foreign languages.